Norwegian Municipality Installs 224 Sony Bravia Displays

The Norwegian municipality of Bærum has installed 224 Sony Bravia displays across 14 schools in the district in order to establish a modernised digital learning environment for its students.

According to a spokesman from the municipality, the Sony’s Bravia models were chosen for their cost-saving efficiency and easy installation. Three different models were chosen, all offering full HD resolution. Of the total, 219 of the displays were the model FWL-75W855C, which is a slim display with 400 cd/m². Four FWL-55W805C models and one FWL-65W855C model were also chosen. Due to the large number of displays, automated setup was achieved using the Evercom AS so that after configuring one screen, the configuration could be loaded onto a USB and used to configure the rest of the screens.

The FWL-75W855C displays were installed to run online for 17-18 hours a day, but for the municipality, Sony approved the displays for 24/7 usage.

The municipality’s requirements were a screen size of 70 inches minimum with screens having a matt surface. Other requirements were that the solution had to seamlessly connect to tablets and that the displays could easily be connected to PCs through HDMI or VGA cables in addition to supporting various streaming solutions.

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