Next Step Towards Sustainability – Philips Monitors are Now Certified according to TCO Certified, Generation 9

MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, acquired the TCO Certified, generation 9 for its range of highly-sustainable products. As one of the first manufacturers that received the certification, Philips monitors has a record number of 64 certified displays on the market on the day TCO Certified, generation 9 was introduced to the public, earlier in December.

Compared to previous generations, TCO Certified, generation 9 establishes stricter and more comprehensive criteria throughout the entire product life cycle, and enable criticial next steps for the development of sustainable IT products.

These Philips monitors are certified with TCO Certified, generation 9

Much more than an ecolabel

Being the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified identifies issues and ensures more sustainable steps are taken by the industry. It includes a comprehensive system of up-to-date criteria, independent verification and a structured system for continuous improvement to drive real and lasting change. More information can be found on their website.

More extensive environmental and social criteria throughout life cycle

To be eligible for TCO Certified, generation 9, products must meet a even more stringent criteria from the latest certification in several different categories, from socially responsible manufacturing, circular economy, non-hazardous chemicals as well as balancing product performance with energy efficiency. More than 40 new Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs) are gathered and verified by independent experts.

Raising awareness of sustainability is a process, for manufacturers and consumers alike. On the one hand, TCO Certified is an excellent way for brands to stay on top of their responsibilities for the environment and society. On the other hand, it also offers more transparency consumers that are consciously putting efforts into taking care of the environment to be able to choose products with the TCO Certified label.

Sustainability to the next level

Philips monitors incorporates sustainability as crucial benchmark through the entire product life cycle. As vouched for by TCO Certified, generation 9, displays by Philips monitors are produced responsibly with environment and safety in mind, and they feature an array of power-saving, innovative and ecologically friendly technologies, which are manufactured in a supply chain where sustainability and ethical issues is a priority.

For instance, two essential green features of Philips monitors are equipped in most of the products: The PowerSensor saves up to 70% of energy by reducing monitor brightness when a user is absent, while the LightSensor adjusts screen brightness according to the ambient light. Models such as the Philips 242B1G and Philips 272B1G are two of the world’s most energy efficient monitors that deliver a new level of energy efficiency without compromising productivity.

The power of giving back

Philips monitors has been actively working towards a transparent and ethical process. Besides raising awareness and helping users to minimise their energy consumption and making sustainable choices, Philips monitors have been actively contributing to a number of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals where they can make most impact, which can be found on here.