New LG VR Headset Based on SteamVR Tracking

LG is believed to be developing a new VR headset that will be based on Valve’s OpenVR platform, including using SteamVR Tracking. It was always Valve’s intention, when they set out to build their platform, that other hardware makers would make their own products based on the platform and work with the same software. The door was left open to all hardware makers except HTC, makers of the Vive.

Details on the LG VR headset are brief but expects a prototype to be displayed at GDC 2017 this week (ends Friday 3rd March), where LG hopes to get feedback from developers on the headset. Pricing, launch dates and territories where the device will be sold are yet to be announced.

LG’s first foray into VR last year, with the mobile-focused 360 VR headset, was not a great success.

Analyst Comment

LG’s VR headset was conspicuous by its absence at the MWC launch of the new G6 smartphone this week. (BR)