New Initiative to Tackle CE Waste

Fifty companies in the UK have signed-up to a new initiative which aims to deliver more effective recycling and increase re-use. Signatories to the Electrical and Electronic Sustainability Action Plan (esap) include retailers and manufacturers, such as the Home Retail Group, Sainsbury’s, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Samsung and the initiative will be led by WRAP on behalf of the UK government. The companies will offer discounts and vouchers to customers who return electronic goods in working order. The various retailers in the scheme will offer drop-off points for the return of appliances and gadgets, while LG, Panasonic and Samsung will offer similar collection services.

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We hear rumblings that the UK government is also looking at classifications of B2B and B2C products and is considering classifying products that are dual use as B2C. We are digging into this and plan to report again. (BR)