New Digital Signage Platform Targets Sports Events

Real Smart DSSmart Digital Screen in the US has developed a new digital signage platform that is specifically designed to handle threats from terrorism at sporting events in the streets as well as at stadiums. Real Smart DS is a platform that is mounted on a 10′ x 2′ (3.1m x 0.6m) truss which includes UltraHD displays, digital media players, audio systems, wifi, a variety of cameras, and drones, where permitted. All the components including the generator are designed to be inside the truss.

“Real Smart DS provides communication to runners, volunteers, and spectators with the reports from those sources and race organizers in “real time.” The need for real-time “visual and audio alerts” must be upscale and more progressive than other forms of media, including social media which is limited and can be compromised”, said Gregory J. Evans, founder of Smart Digital Screen in 2014 and president of Race Director University, the First National Certification Program for Race Directors.

“The unique strength and value of Real Smart DS platform is that it serves as a warning, both visual and audio, can be replicated to 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 plus platforms within 1-2 minutes in real time covering the marathon course at each mile marker or wherever these structures are physically placed”, he added.

Analyst Comment

The initial spur to this development was the bombing at the Boston Marathon. By coincidence, Manchester United said this week that it has appointed a specialist in terrorist threats.