New Core M Chips Speed Range

Intel has introduced four new Core M chips, which are faster than the original devices from IFA (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 36).

The news comes from CPU World, which claims that the chips will be available from Q1’15 – although Intel’s ARK database already shows them as ‘launched’. They are dual-core units supporting Hyperthreading in up to four threads, with a TDP of 4.5W.

While the original Core M chips topped out at 1.1GHz (2.6Ghz using Turbo Boost), the new top-end 5Y71 reaches 1.2GHz, or 2.9GHz using Boost. The other chips (5Y51, 5Y31 and 5Y10C) reach 800MHz, 900MHz and 1.1GHz respectively, with Boost speeds of 2GHz, 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz. Each has a 4MB L3 cache, HD 5300 graphics and a base GPU clock speed of 300MHz – 900MHz, compared to 100MHz – 800MHz on the original devices.