NeoNode Enables Notebooks with Touch

Neonode was on the ST Microelectronics booth and on the Swedish booth (it is based in Stockholm) and was showing a bar system that includes an infrared curtain touch system that can be used to enable touch on notebooks that were shipped without that feature. The Airbar fits along the bottom of the display and connects to USB. Different versions of the bar are being developed for 11.6”, 13.3”, 14” and 15.6” screens and the user price is $49. The Airbar will be distributed in Europe by Ingram Micro.

neonode airbar

Analyst Comment

The biggest disadvantage to this device, which seems to work quite well, is that because the bar has some depth, when the notebook is closed, the Airbar has to be removed. The firm is developing an app that can warn with a beep as soon as the user starts to close the lid. At $49, the product is very good value for anyone that really wants or needs touch. (BR)