NEC Launches a New Class of Quiet Laser Projectors

NEC Display Solutions Europe announced that the next-generation laser projectors, the PA804UL and PA1004UL, are now available to buy on the European market. Pre-announced at ISE in February, the news means that meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture halls and museums in Europe can now experience the benefits of a silent projector that displays striking imagery.

Unique to NEC, the filter-free LCD technology means there is no need to change filters or replace bulbs. Already established as a world-class projector solution due to its low total cost of ownership and low-maintenance design, the PA Series can run up to 20,000 hours without requiring any outside service.

In addition to this reliability, the PA804UL and the PA1004UL bring extraordinary picture quality with resplendent long-term LCD colour performance. Their high brightness, sharp WUXGA resolution and vivid colour saturation mean they display content clearly even in bright spaces. The carefully calibrated white ranges make colours stand out while the whites look stunning.

Like all NEC products, the new projectors excel in the technical details. Their sealed light engines protect them from dust or external contaminants for enduring picture performance, as nothing accumulates on the LCD panels. The engine itself runs so quietly that it’s easy to forget that it’s on. Crucially for existing PA projector customers, the transition to the new line of products is made easier by their compatibility with mechanical PA lenses.

“This addition to the line of laser projectors is the conference solution people have been looking for,” said Gerd Kaiser, Senior Project Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “If you’re giving a high-stakes presentation, you want the focus to be on your subject matter. Your projector should be a communication tool, not a talking point. With perfect quality picture and quiet running, our new projectors make sure your message lands without distraction.”

About NEC Display Solutions Europe

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH has its European headquarters in Munich, Germany and is responsible for all business activities in EMEA. NEC Display Solutions benefits from the technological know-how and technologies of the NEC Corporation and, with its own Research and Development, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market. The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and speciality desktop LCDs, via large-size Public Displays and LED screens for Digital and Retail Signage. The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business projectors to products for permanent operation (such as PoS applications) and digital cinema projectors. Bernd Eberhardt is President and CEO of NEC Display Solutions Europe.

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