NEC Display Has New Processors for Signage

NEC Display Solutions Europe announced the launch of its new digital signage devices for media playback and IT operations which are new Slot-in PCs based on NEC’s Open Modular intelligence (OMi), a platform that is intended to enable smart and seamless connections between source and display, to deliver powerful, tailored and future-proof digital signage.

The OPS Slot-in PC is based on seventh generation of Intel Core processors up to i7 and down to i3 to match different needs.

Ulf Greiner, Senior Product Manager Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said,

“This updated product range significantly widens our product portfolio of computing devices for media playback and IT operations. In addition to our Raspberry Pi and Android-based OPS computers, NEC is now refreshing our broad Intel based computing line-up, comprising every performance level to meet with every customer’s individual needs and budget.”

Alongside the OPS Slot-in PCs with Core processors, NEC is launching two additional products: the OPS value Slot-in PC featuring a Quad Core Intel Atom processor. Meanwhile, the External Micro PC features a similar processor to the Entry version, but is designed to support standalone operation where displays don’t feature an OPS-slot, or when multiple displays rely on a single playout system.

NEC Display Solutions is offering its European software partners and prospective customers a one-month, free-of-charge trial period for all the new OMi products. To sign up for a trial, simply visit: