Vol 25 - Issue 28


VR on the Hype Curve

by Bob Raikes

Well, there was plenty of news over the last two weeks, so we have some solid issues for you, although there are few events at this time of year. One I will be attending …

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Qualcomm Scraps NXP Acquisition

by Bob Raikes

Qualcomm has abandoned its planned acquisition of NXP as Chinese authorities were negative on the deal. (Qualcomm Increases Offer for NXP) Analyst Comment That stops Qualcomm from reducing its dependency on the smartphone business. …

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Corning Boosts Gorilla Glass

by Bob Raikes

Corning has released new versions of its Gorilla Glass. The main smartphone glass has been upgraded from version 5 to Gorilla Glass 6 which increases the durability of the glass and Corning said that …

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VirtualLink Consortium Announces Standard for VR Headset Connection

by Norbert Hildebrand

The VirtualLink Consortium announced a new standard development that allows connecting a VR headset to any source via an USB Type-C cable. The consortium includes nVidia, Valve, Microsoft, Oculus and AMD. There is a …

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YouTube VR App Coming to Gear VR with Co-Viewing Feature

by Andrew Fenn

Google has announced that the YouTube VR app will come to Samsung Gear VR soon, alongside “Watch Together”, a new co-viewing feature, where up to four app users can chat and watch content together …

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High Cost of WOLED TV Panels Detailed in DSCC TV Cost Report

by Andrew Fenn

The battle between OLED and LCD rages on in the premium TV space and ultimately, the winners will be companies that can manage to get the highest prices and the lowest costs possible, according …

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DSCC Smartphone Display Cost Report Highlights Profitable Rigid OLED Business

by Andrew Fenn

DSCC has released its OLED Smartphone Cost Report for the second quarter of 2018, highlighting a number of issues in the market. The report illuminates the huge impact of fab utilisation on fixed costs …

Tags:Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Small Medium Panel Supply| Smartphones| Vol 25 - Issue 28

AUO Benefits from Value Added Strategy

by Bob Raikes

AUO presented its quarterly result and highlighted that its better result than ‘a Korean competitor’ (i.e. LG Display) was the result of its long term development of a more niche strategy, rather than chasing …

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AUO Sees Slower Q2

by Yvette Raikes

AUO recorded Q2 net profit of NT$40 million ($1.3 million), down from NT$8.9 billion ($292 million) a year ago, on revenue which fell to NT$75.1 billion ($2.5 billion) from NT$84.4 billion ($2.8 billion).

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Panasonic and Optoma Projectors Used at Istanbul Youth Festival

by Andrew Fenn

At this year’s Istanbul Youth Festival in Turkey, EvenTech used almost 70 video projectors to create a dome projection light show. Three domes of varying diameters were built on the site, equipped with Panasonic …

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Samsung Display’s “Unbreakable Panel” Certified by Underwriters Laboratories

by Andrew Fenn

Samsung Display has announced that its recently developed “unbreakable” smartphone panel has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an official testing company for OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department …

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