Nanoco Result 25/03/2015

Nanoco Group plc has released its half year results, recording a net loss of £3.1 million ($4.6 million) on turnover of £1.6 million ($2.3 million), which compares with a net loss for the first six months of last year of £4.3 million ($6.4 million) on turnover of £679,000 ($1 million). The company said it achieved some major milestones in the first half of its year, including LG’s announcement that it will launch large-screen LCD TVs incorporating Nanoco’s quantum dots (LG Stresses Importance of Colour) and Dow Chemical’s announcement that it will begin construction of the world’s first large-scale cadmium-free quantum dot manufacturing plant in Cheonan, South Korea (Dow to Build Cadmium-Free QD Plant in South Korea).