Nanoco Buys QLED IP from Kodak

Nanoco Group plc announced the company has acquired a group of patents from the Eastman Kodak Company (“Kodak”) in connection with the use of quantum dots in electroluminescent displays, a future display technology. With this acquisition, Nanoco hopes to build out a world-class IP portfolio generated both by the company’s own innovation engine, as well as the research of others. The commercial terms of the patent acquisition were undisclosed.

The acquisition is intended to reinforce the firm’s ip position in quantum dot electroluminescent displays (QLED), in which quantum dots can be used to replace the current materials in OLEDs.

Analyst Comment

Of course, last week, Samsung confirmed that it was buying QD Vision in order to boost its ip position in QLEDs, which Samsung has identified as a technology that it is planning to develop. (BR)