myDreamVR Joins Virtual Desktop Race

MyDreamVR, a VR software developer, has introduced LightVR, a ‘virtual room simulator’ that has been made available on Steam. The software is designed to allow users to create a customised environment, such as display screens and keyboards, so that a working area can be created that matches the style that the user wants. Props can be added and the screens in the VR environment is just another ‘prop’ to allow unlimited displays and resolution. Check the video to get the idea.

Analyst Comment

Frankly, the video tends to highlight, to me, how far we are away from having the resolution to support this kind of application, but there are, clearly, lots of moves to address this idea of virtual desktops. I find the current generation of headsets unusable for any length of time (although I have young family members that have surprised me with their stamina for VR!) (BR)