Mostly Positive Reception for the iPhone X

More reviews of the iPhone X are coming through, and the response is largely positive, with the new handset being called “the best smartphone you can buy”, “polished, tight and clean” and “the future of smartphones, today”.

The device’s new Super AMOLED display is being described as a highlight. Some reviewers are disappointed with the notch etched into the top of the display—a necessary evil, housing the smartphone’s front-facing sensors. Forbes’ reviewer found that after a short period of time the notch became “unobtrusive” but, along with CNBC’s reviewer, noted that many apps haven’t been updated to display properly on the new screen.

TechCrunch championed the smartphone’s display and camera, but the reviewer said it took them six days to get used to not having a physical home button.

Many of the reviews also found the device’s new Face ID unlocking feature to be a worthy addition. CNET’s reviewer Scott Stein couldn’t fool the technology by shaving his beard, but found that the smartphone failed to recognise him while wearing goggles, a wig, a top-hat and scarf, and a mask.

Mashable’s reviewer, Lance Ulanoff, managed to trick Face ID using a set of identical twins, but not with photos or videos of himself.