More Germans Aware of UltraHD, But UK Tops Penetration

SES broke the figures down further, analysing five separate countries: Germany, France, Spain, Ukraine and the UK.

DTH satellite has a 47% share (18.16 million homes) in Germany, followed by cable (44%). Around 55% of satellite homes are equipped to view HD channels. 44% of homes in the country had heard about UltraHD, and 1% owned one or more UltraHD-capable screens.

IPTV was the most popular reception method in France, with a 40% share. Terrestrial followed with 29%. 56% of homes in France are HD-equipped. 34% of French homes had heard about UltraHD, and 3% say that they own such a screen.

66% of homes in Spain are primarily terrestrial, with satellite the second-most-popular platform (2.66 million homes). 44% of satellite homes watch HD content. Only 26% of homes have heard of UltraHD, but 3% say that they own an UltraHD display.

Cable is the primary method of reception in Ukraine, with a 38% share; terrestrial and satellite follow. 100% of the 4.33 million satellite homes are digital, while cable’s 6.25 million homes are 23% digital and terrestrial’s 5.96 million homes are 18% digital.

In the UK, 44% of homes use satellite TV, followed by terrestrial (32%). Over 78% of homes are capable of receiving HD signals. 39% of homes have heard of UltraHD, and 4% say that they own an UltraHD screen.

Elsewhere in the world, SES reaches 7 million homes in Africa; 84 million in the USA (17 million satellite, 54 million cable and 13 million IPTV); 23.2 million in LATAM (23 million are cable and just 200,000 are satellite); and 44 million in APAC (37 million satellite, 7 million cable).