More Germans Aware of UltraHD, But UK Tops Penetration

SES’ annual survey of TV reception in Europe shows that Germany – followed by the UK – leads the region in awareness of UltraHD. However, UltraHD TV ownership is (apparently) higher in the UK.

More than 1 billion people worldwide now receive TV through SES: 312 million homes wordwide. Of these, 125 million are satellite, 149 million are cable and 38 million are IPTV. 154 million of these homes are in Europe (64 million satellite, 65 million and 25 million IPTV).

Satellite has a 35% market share in Europe, with around 90 million homes using the platform as their primary reception method. Cable and terrestrial both have a 27% share, while IPTV is at 11%. IPTV shows the fastest growth, reaching 27 million homes at the end of 2014. Satellite’s recent passing of 90 million homes also represented growth, while cable has fallen.

SES’ satellite homes represent 71% of all of those in Europe, while 95% of cable homes are indirectly served by the company’s satellites. Around 91% of IPTV homes in Europe receive signals via SES.

Satellite and IPTV in Europe are now 100% digital. Terrestrial is still 11% analogue and cable is 33% analogue.