Luminit’s Uniformity Tape Spreads Light to Reduce Hot Spots

Wide-spaced LED lighting can suffer from several issues, including hot spots and non-uniform characteristics, said Luminit. These artifacts can become visible on the edge of LED-backlit TVs.

Luminit widely spaced LED displayAdding more LED lights is an option, although this makes the display or lighting fixture more expensive. California-based Luminit, which specialises in lighting diffusers, has developed a lower-cost solution called Edge-lit Uniformity Tape (EUT).

EUT can be applied to a light guide plate during the assembly process. It uses Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffuser (LSD) technology, which diffuses LED light sources. The EUT uses LSD microstructures, embedded on a polyester film; these microstructures increase the LEDs’ divergence, so the light mixes before it enters the display.

Luminit says that the transmissivity of its EUT is greater than 88%, while lighting panel uniformity is more than 80%.

LSD microstructures on the EUT spread light to reduce hot spots and dark spots