Moab Moves Into Solar TV

A company called Moab Power is designing TVs for countries where power supplies are only intermittent. The company’s normal focus is on addressing basic power and lighting needs in developing regions. The Solar TVs, which are charged through solar energy, are the first in a new move towards building off-grid appliances.

The Moab TV 60 (16″) and Moab TV 120 (19″) are LED-backlit LCD TVs, supplied with ‘the world’s smallest indoor/outdoor antenna’, to access free-to-air content. Both feature a solar panel (10W/20W, respectively) and a 60Wh/120Wh lithium power management unit. This unit features four 12V ports, two USB ports, a multi-tip mobile phone charger and three 100-lumen LED lights.

Moab will begin to sell the TVs in Q3’16.

Analyst Comment

Moab’s current Solar TV offering uses sets from Solageo. However, the company is always looking for new partners offering the best combination of product and value. If you are interested in working with Moab, contact CTO Nick Patel on [email protected]. (TA)