mk2 is Commercialising Location-Based VR Equipment

French cinema company, mk2, has debuted its VR plug-and-play solution for professionals, the VR Pod. The announcement comes one year after the opening of mk2 VR in Europe (Europe’s Largest VR Facility is in Paris), offering twelve virtual reality pod offerings featuring HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR technology, plus two full-body, immersive simulators, Holodia and Birdly.

mk2’s catalogue of curated VR experiences will be immediately available to customers with the latest offerings from, the company claims, the “world’s leading studios” updated monthly. The company’s partners include Felix & Paul Studios, Atlas V, Within and SuperHot Team.

Variety reports that MK2 already has deals in place and is installing 70 pods in the first half of the year, with 200 planned by the end of the year. It has sold pods to Nordisk in Scandinavia and Arvore in Brazil. The company has systems in the National Public Library of France and Variety reports that Nordisk plans VR venues in Copenhagen and Oslo for April and Arvore is planning on a launch in Saõ Paulo in May.

MK2 has made more than 100 films and has 26 cinemas with 200 screens.