Microsoft Shows Acer HMD Development Kit

Acer has shown a ‘Mixed Reality Development Edition’ headset based on technology from Microsoft and designed for Windows 10. Acer said at IFA that it would be one of the companies developing the Microsoft holographic platform. Several brands showed concepts at CES (Mainstream Brands Bring VR Headsets to CES – Well Almost).

The headset uses 1440 x 1440 LCD displays (701ppi) with 90Hz refresh and needs USB and HDMI cables from the host PC. Other details were scarce, but the headset does have dual cameras, needed to track the environment. It will work with XBox controllers and it uses ‘inside out’ tracking so there is no need for external tracking systems.

The kits will start to ship to developers this month.

Analyst Comment

Microsoft seems to have changed its branding from Holographic to Mixed Reality, which is probably a bit more decriptive, and accurate! (BR)

MIcrosoft has a short video that gives the idea of mixed reality.