McDonald’s Getting into VR

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many companies that cater to children in general have an interest in VR. As one of the upcoming technologies, VR in general is often viewed as the best candidate for gaming, with social media and video entertainment coming right behind it.

At the VR entry level, several companies have shown their version of Google’s Cardboard VR viewer. Now McDonald’s is becoming the latest company to enter this field. McDonald’s Sweden is releasing a Happy Meal container that can be changed into a VR viewer. All the needed components are included, with the exception of the necessary smartphone of course.

Source: McDonalds Sweden

This is a two week trial period over the first two weekends in March, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal in Sweden. McDonald’s is aiming at adding to the experience children will have with their Happy Meal. They are also adding a VR app for download over the same time frame to provide some free content to the potential users.

More information about the event and the hardware box can be found at the website ( including a video showing how to create the device out of the cardboard box. So far it does not say anything about virtual hamburgers. – NH