Maxin10sity Returns to Karlsruhe with Acrobatic Video Mapping Show

Maxin10sity, a Hungarian projection mapping specialist, was engaged by the Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media in 2015 to deliver the Schlosslichtspiele, a light projection show mapped onto the palace façade, to mark the city’s 300th anniversary. The company has returned every year since — 2018’s event, entitled “I’MMORTAL” combined Maxin10sity’s projection mapping with acrobatic acts.

The acrobats were filmed in a two-day shoot, using green box technology to put the characters into the digital environment. Rather than costumes, the acrobats were painted using a fine body painting technique. These recordings were combined with the 3D animations produced in Maxin10sity’s studio to create the final visuals. The show itself was delivered via 16 Panasonic 20K laser phosphor projectors and a Pandoras Box system.