Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Now Conformant with OpenXR, Offering Developers and Enterprises Greater Choice and Faster Innovation in an Open Ecosystem

magic leap headset

Magic Leap has announced that its latest AR headset, the Magic Leap 2, is now conformant with OpenXR. As one of the early contributors to the development of OpenXR, Magic Leap is committed to building an open and accessible AR ecosystem that benefits both developers and enterprises across industries. As the most immersive AR device on the leading extended reality (XR) industry standard API, Magic Leap 2 empowers developers, enterprises, and users with greater choice and faster innovation in an increasingly dynamic industry.

Open standards are essential to the future of enterprise AR. OpenXR provides a common set of APIs for developing XR applications that work across a range of devices. Magic Leap has collaborated on the development of OpenXR since its inception to enable a more open and accessible ecosystem, where developers can easily create cross-platform solutions, and enterprises can easily adopt them—free from siloes, walled gardens, or cloud lock-in.

The adoption of OpenXR as a common AR ecosystem standard ensures the continual growth and maturation of AR. Magic Leap will continue to advance this vision as Vice Chair of the OpenXR Working Group. In this role, Magic Leap provides technical expertise and collaborates with other members to address the needs of developers and end-users, the scope of the standard, and best practices for implementation.

With OpenXR on Magic Leap 2, developers and enterprises can benefit from solution portability, feature scalability, user flexibility, and developer accessibility. OpenXR enables developers to build a solution once and easily port and optimize it to reach more enterprises and customers, reducing the time and cost required for developers to adapt solutions to individual platforms. Enterprises can seamlessly transition existing solutions to Magic Leap 2 and utilize advanced AR capabilities like an unmatched optics stack, an expansive field of view, and Dynamic Dimming technology with no or minimal extra effort. Magic Leap 2 provides enterprises with choice, ease-of-use, and support on an open platform, including not only native support for OpenXR but also cloud autonomy, with no requirement to connect to a centralized server, cloud service, or telemetry gathering. OpenXR unlocks faster innovation for a larger market by making the playing field more accessible to smaller developers, enabling them to build solutions on different platforms without extensive resources.

Magic Leap has contributed a new vendor extension to OpenXR that enables developers to take advantage of its industry-first Global Dimming technology. Magic Leap is also collaborating with other Working Group members to define a common Plane Detection extension, and internally, it is working on a number of new extensions to give developers easy access to the advanced AR capabilities of Magic Leap 2.