Lumineq Promises 4″ Readability From 20m

Beneq subsidiary Lumineq has produced a new thin film electroluminescent display, with segmented characters. It is intended for industrial environments where information must be gathered at a glance, so has wide viewing angles (179°) and a clear display visible from 20m away.

The EL40S is a 4″ display that will operate in -60° to 85° temperatures. It is protected against overheating and will turn on and off instantly. Brightness, contrast and other specifications remain uniform across the temperature range.

Additionally, the unit is resistant to shocks (up to 100g), vibrations (5 – 500Hz), humidity (to 93%) and can be used at altitude (up to 18,000m).

Response time is sub-1ms and brightness is 300 cd/m². Lumineq reports a 180:1 contrast ratio at 500 lux. The EL40S is on sale now; price is on application.