Cincoze Unveils New IPCs for Industrial Applications

Cincoze has unveiled new panel PCs. The P2202 and P2202E models feature slim and compact designs that can transform into a range of panel PC configurations using what Cincoze likes to tout as its patented convertible display system (CDS) technology for interchangeable LCD setups.

Source: Cincoze

The modular CDS concept enhances utility across many use cases where AI edge computing is emerging. For example, when paired to an industrial LCD touch module, the P2202 makes an intelligent panel PC able to guide operators through complex manufacturing processes via vision analysis and machine learning. The same system can convert to a sunlight-readable panel PC for outdoor quality inspections aided by AI tools. For OEM customers, the streamlined P2202E readily incorporates into machines as an open-frame AI accelerator.

Cincoze rounds out its Alder Lake lineup with the compact DX-1200 railway computer and DS-1400 series smart factory platform. Both feature rich I/O and PCIe expandability for AI along withcerts for railway, industrial hazards and extreme environment operation. More GPU-equipped models are planned for 2024 as industrial AI demands continue surging.