RTX Supplying Royal Air Force With Its Large Area Display Technology

RTX, under its Collins Aerospace business unit, is going to be supplying Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft cockpits with its large area display (LAD). The rugged display, designed for combat fighter jets, has a resistive, multi-touch surface, and is an LCD display housed in a rugged enclosure.

MFD-4820 LCD display. (Source: RTX)

RTX is working through BAE Systems in the UK. BAE was recently awarded a contract by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the UK to provide HMDs for the Typhoon. The combination of the LAD and HMD from both companies is part of an ever-expanding military avionics market that is striving to give pilots better access to critical information and enhance their overall situational awareness. It’s heady stuff, and serious business.

The integration of new display technology into fighter jets is part of a general initiative to create better decision-making processes for pilots. Pilots get real-time data from radar, targeting systems, and threat detectors under highly stressful circumstances. They have to take in a lot of information and respond rapidly.

Display TypeRemote display split electrically into left/right halves
Size9.5” H x 21.5” W x 3.64” D
LCD Dimensions7.98” x 19.96”
LCD Resolution1,024 x 2,560 (128 dpi)
Touchscreen8” x 20” resistive, low-latency multi-touch
Weight<20 lbs
Input Power+28 VDC display power
Power Dissipation150 W maximum; 350 W maximum (with optional LCD heater on)
MountingEight front-mounting screws
CoolingTwo internal fans
Storage Temperature-54° C to 95° C
Operating Temperature-40° C to 71° C
MTBF>15,000 operating hours (AIF environment)
Brightness>300 fL
NVG CompatibilityMIL-STD-3009, Class B and MIL-L-85762A, Class B
CertificationDeveloped to ARP-4754, DO-254 DAL A, DO-178C DAL A/B
Video Inputs (Left)2x ARINC 818, 2x SMPTE 292/424, DVI (optional) or display port (optional)
Video Inputs (Right)2x ARINC 818, 2x SMPTE 292/424, DVI (optional) or display port (optional)
Connector(s)Left/Right video, I/O and power MIL circular connectors
I/O ComplementLeft +28 VDC power, Right +28 VDC power, LCD heater +28 VDC power, LCD heater +270 VDC power (optional), 0-5 VDC bezel lighting voltage, Six input discretes per half, One output discrete per half, Two left/right digital serial bus (RS-422 full duplex with dual-redundant outputs), One left/right maintenance serial bus (RS-485 half-duplex input)