EL (Electroluminescent)


Advancements in MicroLED Testing: The Role of Electroluminescent Technology

by Ian Hendy

Beyond PL testing that only gives wavelength information of MicroLED wafers, EL testing also gives full electrical response of the MicroLEDs and is seen as the gold standard for knowing that dies on a wafer are good for transfer to displays.

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Bottom Up, ‘Cinematic’ Chemistry for Blue QDs

by Bob Raikes

Most quantum dot displays use a source of blue light (LEDs in nearly all cases except Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels) but this means that you have to make the blue light emit from the …

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Crystal Clear: Pioneering the Last 60 years of Display Technology Innovation & Looking Into the Future

by Sri Peruvemba

From large outdoor interactive screens on buildings to tiny displays in wristwatches, the display industry has created applications and entire industries over the past 60 years, transforming our entire society. Just take a look …

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The Future of QD display – Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2021

by Sweta Dash

Quantum Dot display technology is continuously evolving with new materials, new processes and new devices while progressing towards becoming the ultimate next generation self emissive display solution. The recent virtual “Phosphors and Quantum Dots …

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