Lumens Planning HD HUD Using Micro-LED Soon

Lumens of Korea, described as a long term partner of Samsung, has said in an interview with the Korea Herald that it plans to develop HUDs for automotive applications based on MicroLED technology.

Jung Tae-Hong, CEO of Lumens, told the Herald:

“We plan to launch the world’s first high-definition, automotive head-up display using Micro-LED technology by the end of this year”

The company said that the technology is better than LCD as it can handle a wider range of temperatures and initially, the company will develop a combiner-type product for the aftermarket, before developing a built-in windshield type for auto makers that may be in cars in three year’s time.

The article quoted data from a US analyst, Tractica that is forecasting 29.6% growth annually from 2015 to 2025 to reach 36 million units by 2025.

The company is also working with KIMM (KIMM Develops ‘Roll Transfer Process’ to Speed Up Micro LED Production). Some observers believe that this technology could be in digital signage displays by next year.

Osram showed this pixel array for HUDs, eliminating the need for an imager at Electronika last year. Image:Meko