Light Emitting Paper Developed at Umeå University in Sweden

OLED development is a worldwide scientific undertaking. Asian countries lead in the manufacturing of OLED-based displays today, however material development as well as development of other light emitting technologies is widespread over the world. One of the other forms are Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LEC or LEEC). In a new report from Umeå University in Sweden, Ludvig Edman and his group published a paper on the development of an LEC on regular paper.

The publication describes their success in creating LEC structures on regular paper with various surface roughness. They used a high end coated paper with a roughness of 0.4 μm and standard copy paper with a roughness of 5 μm. In both cases they achieved functioning devices. The complete cell deposition was done via airbrushing in ambient air. All layers are deposited from solutions.

The LEC on paper are highly flexible and display a uniform light emission and reach a luminance of 200 cd m−2 at a current conversion efficacy of 1.4 cd A−1. – NH