Liberty to begin DOCSIS 3.1 rollout

Liberty Global has said at the Cable Congress in Brussels that it will start to roll out Docsis 3.1 technology at the end of 2017 although most of the networks in its business will switch over in 2018 and will support up to 1 Gigabit of data. The company said that there is not a real demand from users, but competition from fibre providers was forcing Liberty to respond.

Analyst Comment

I must be getting too old. I remember when my connectivity was measured in bits per second, not even kilo bits! I tend to agree with Liberty that speed is no longer such a big issue, but latency is. However, as the typical connection gets faster, content gets richer, reducing the speed again, so the cycle to faster speed should continue, especially with the ‘threat’ of very low latency from 5G on the horizon. (BR)

Cable Network Theory. Image: Rhode & Schwarz.