LG Skips Past UltraHD to 8k

Thought that UltraHD would be the big news at CES 2015? Think again. LG Display, according to CNet, will be exhibiting a 55″ 8k TV at the show.

Code-named ‘Mabinogion’, the TV is believed to be an OLED model (take this claim with a whole ocean of salt – TA), with more than 20 display drivers. Brightness will be 500 cd/m² due to a new control aperture ratio control method (LG’s WRGB OLED technology is brighter than RGB-based OLED displays thanks to the additional white sub-pixel).

Due to the lack of 8k source material, LG used a PC and 3D images generated by an unnamed ‘high-quality’ Nvidia GPU. Nvidia worked with LG on the display’s development.

Mabinogion was developed as a test-run for mass-production. A source told CNet, “With the know-how acquired from making the prototype, if LG finds good grounds to commercialize the display for mass production, it will do so. LG has already finished up approving the technological viability of the 55″, 8k display, and is now starting preparation to commercialize it to make it a product”.

Samsung, it is said, will show a curved 8k TV at CES.