LG Responds to Reports of 2016 OLED HDR Gaming Issues

Owners of LG’s 2016 range of OLED TVs are reporting that a recent firmware update has rendered on-screen images far too dark in HDR Game mode.

The company has since issued a response to the complaints, claiming that the changes are deliberate, and those unhappy with the new picture should tweak their TV’s Dynamic Contrast setting up to High.

game controllers

It’s a strange stance, considering that gamers tend to avoid post-processing altogether, especially settings like Dynamic Contrast. Post-processing tends to induce problematic lag, a real issue in games that require quick reflexes.

Understandably, consumers are less-than-satisfied with the response from LG, and have rated the article harshly.

However, in a bizarre turn of events, an employee of the company has responded to the negative reviews with a strange rant, berating consumers whilst seemingly acknowledging the fact that there is a very real problem with the firmware update.

Despite the support article suggesting that the company believes the update to be an improvement, LG’s Customer Services department has stated that a fix is in the works.