LG Prepares for 1.8mm Bezel in UK Market

LG has shown transparent displays before, such as this one at ISE 2015
LG Electronics will bring its new 1.8mm-bezel video wall product to the UK market, showing it for the first time at Midwich Technology Exposed on the 16th and 17th September. (it was first shown at Infocomm LG Pushes UltraNarrow Bezels Further)

The new video wall display uses a 55″ LCD screen, with a uniform bezel on all four sides. Built-in LG software enables its use in a 15 x 15 matrix, but additional scaling can be achieved with external player solutions. The display uses an IPS panel.

Another 55″ unit will be LG’s high-brightness LCD screen, reaching 2,500 cd/m². This model uses LG’s transflective technology, which reflects the sun’s light to enhance the image. LG will also be using a 55″ model to showcase its WebOS platform in the form of an SoC. WebOS can be used to network displays and control them remotely.

Finally, LG will show its ‘M+’ transparent display technology, which will be seen in the form of a refrigerator door. It is formed of two clear sheets of glass, surrounded by edge-LEDs.