LG OLED TV Update Causes Dimming Issues

Two weeks after Sony released a fix for a long-running issue with the automatic dimming algorithm on its A1 OLED TV, LG appears to have introduced a similar issue to OLED TV models from its C8 series and higher — by way of a firmware update, of course.

Since the update, LG OLED TV owners have been reporting that the automatic brightness limiter, designed to adjust light output depending on the brightness of scenes, has been made far more aggressive and noticeable. It’s not yet understood whether it’s the level of dimming that’s been increased, a delay in the limiter kicking in making the shift more perceptible to the viewer or a combination of the two.

It’s also not clear whether the limiter’s purpose is to reduce burn-in, improve tone-mapping for HDR content or, again, both. Another issue reported since the firmware update is a reduction of the OLED lighting setting of the Technicolor Expert picture preset, which seems to point to an overall desire by LG to reduce the brightness of images.

In its report on the issue, Forbes revealed that an LG representative had commented, “The new firmware includes an update of the existing algorithm which LG has been applying to compensate the image quality when a static image is displayed on the TV”.