LG Lights Up IFA 2017 With Convenient High-Performance Projectors

LG Electronics (LG) is expanding its portfolio of LED projectors with the unveiling of two new models at IFA 2017, Europe’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance show. In Berlin, LG will be introducing the ProBeam UST (Ultra Short-Throw) laser projector (model HF85JA) and LG MiniBeam (model PH30JG) as part of its strategy to extend its leadership in the LED/Laser projector market that is estimated to grow to USD 5.7 billion in three years.

“As a global leader in the LED projector category, LG continually pioneers new ways to deliver a superb home cinema experience,” said Tim Alessi, Senior Director, Product Marketing for home entertainment at LG Electronics USA. “Our expanded lineup of LED projectors offer a host of new and innovative features that enable consumers the freedom and convenience to enjoy the entertainment they love from virtually anywhere.”

The LG ProBeam UST offers a Full HD (1080p) image in an ultra-short throw design for an immersive home cinema experience. Ultra Short-Throw projectors are convenient as they do not require professional installation, a jumble of unsightly cables or expansive space between the projector and the screen – the ProBeam UST requires just 4.7-inches of space to display an 100-inch HD image. Adding to its versatility, the ProBeam UST does not require its own stand – simply place it on any existing furniture and it becomes movie night.

The LG ProBeam UST generates up to 1,500 ANSI lumen of brightness, 1.5 times brighter than LG’s previous UST projector, and with a contrast ratio of 150,000:1, all entertainment content, will look crisp and accurate.

The LG ProBeam UST offers a host of connectivity options for use with Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers or headphones, and its unique four corner keystone feature corrects both horizontal and vertical distortion of the picture, allowing consumers the flexibility to position the ProBeam UST virtually anywhere. Featuring LG’s award-winning webOS Smart TV platform, viewers can rest assured knowing they have access to the expanding number of streaming services and other programs based on location and availability.*

For those desiring an even more compact option, the new LG MiniBeam offers extreme portability and incredible picture quality. With a built-in battery that lasts up to four hours, the MiniBeam packs more than enough cord-free power to play back two full-length movies, and with its Multi-Angle Projection feature, allows the device to be tilted up to 70 degrees to display an image high on a wall or even on the ceiling without the use of a tripod.

The LG MiniBeam projector offers users unprecedented freedom in a portable package. USB Type-C compatibility gives the MiniBeam the ability to connect and mirror other devices such as laptops and smartphone as well as charge its internal 9000mAh battery with a single cable. Pricing and availability of the new LG ProBeam UST laser projector) and LG MiniBeam will be announced later this year.