LG Display Supply Less Affected than Expected

By Bob Raikes

We reported last week that LG Display was losing some production because of an accident. Early reports said that authorities might stop production for as long as a month, but Sigmaintell of China reported that the downtime was less than one week, with a lot of 30K substrates, so although it might cause some disruption to some brands for particular products, it should not impact the overall market significantly.

In terms of pricing, Sigmaintell said that

  1. 32″: Supply of China Mainland and Taiwan manufacturers will increase in July, which will bring a slight decline on average price.
  2. 39.5″~43″ : Demand will be restrained, while rapid capacity increases and new production lines will drive supply growth. Prices will continue going down.
  3. 49″~50″: Demand & supply will tend to become loose along with the supply of 50” panels increasing, and panel price will go down in July.
  4. 55″: Stocks of Chinese set makers and distributors are still at quite a high level, and the stock preparation of brands is still conservative. It is estimated that price decline will stay within $5 in July.
  5. Large size: The set stock of 65” panels will go up, and the high price of panels has restrained demand. It is estimated that prices will keep going down in July.