Meizu Phone Has Dual Displays

Chinese smartphone maker, Meizu, has said that its new Meizu Pro 7 smartphone, due in July would use a MediaTek X30 chipset and will also have an unusual secondary display on the back of the phone. The second display is a full colour LCD and can be used for notifications or for other functions, such as a camera viewfinder. The main display is a FullHD 5.5″ LCD on the Pro Plus and a 5.2″ on the Pro. The rear cameras are dual 12mp devices, based on Sony sensors, and there is a 16mp front camera.

Pricing is said to be from CNY 2,799 ($409) for the regular Pro 7, go up to CNY 3,299 ($482) for higher tier versions and between CNY 3,299 to CNY 3,799 ($555) for the Meizu Pro 7 Plus.

Some sources have said that 90% of Meizu’s phones in 2016 used MediaTek processors, but this is dropping to 70% this year as it uses more Qualcomm chips.

Meizu Pro 7