LG Display Reorganises Around OLED

Business Korea reports that LG Display has finished its annual re-organisation and will switch its five divisions, TV, OLED, IT, mobile and AD into three businesses, TV, IT and Mobile. Hwang Yong-gi (a VP) will run the TV business division, while VP Choi Hyung-seok and VP Jeong Kyong-deuk will be in charge of the mobile business division and the IT divisions.

The LCD and OLED TV groups will be merged as the company moves to shift its emphasis to OLEDs and the same move will be made in the mobile group, which will also absorb the automotive group. The Advanced Display group, which is reported to have been responsible for Apple, but much of that business will now be in the IT group, which will look after monitors and notebook panels as well as industrial panels. The lighting division will be merged into the TV business, which looks like a significant de-emphasis.

Analyst Comment

Business Korea also said that LGD will supply OLEDs for smartphones to Apple, but then reported that Samsung will be the exclusive supplier to Apple of OLEDs for iPhones for up to two years, which would help Samsung’s 2017 and 2018 profitability. (BR)