LG Display Focuses on M+

Like Samsung Display, LG Display had a meeting room with a range of demonstrations on just a couple of topics. First, the company showed how much better the colour is on an IPS display when viewed off-axis.

This came to light in a recent TV quiz show in Korea, when colour coding was used and some contestants got the answers wrong because the monitor (not an IPS-based unit) that they were looking at was distorting the colours. This, apparently, has become something of a ’cause celebre’ for LG in Korea and has drawn attention to the colour shift issues with VA panels.

The rest of the demonstration area was devoted to promoting the LG M+ RGBW technology. The company claimed a number of advantages including better power consumption.

Analyst Comment

LG also claimed that its M+ panels are ideal for HDR because of the increased peak brightness that can be obtained from current backlights. However, this is almost exactly analagous to the use of RGBW colour wheels in projection and will lead to poor saturation in bright colours. There’s nothing wrong with RGBW in principle, but using it to boost peak brightness is a poor engineering choice.

Given the negative points made by Samsung about LG and vice versa, I was tempted to decide to buy an OLED! (BR)