LG Display Explains More on 77″ Flex Transparent OLED

By Bob Raikes
lg77flexible 1

LG Display made a talk at the IMID conference in Korea and announced that it was working on a 77″ transparent flexible OLED. The panel uses top emission and uses a dual thin film encapsulation system based on two polyimide substrates rather than the metal bottom later for current OLEDs. The polyimide has barrier films on the outside and multi-barrier films on the inside. The display continues to use a WOLED approach, with a colour filter. The company claims that the transparency is 40% and the bending radius is 80mm.

The encapsulant layer was reduced from 100 μm to 20 μm to improve the flexibility.

OLED.Net had some photos from the talk which expanded the information we found on this project earlier this summer. (LG Display Develops Rollable Transparent OLED)

Analyst Comment

We asked for a copy of the slides presented and reproduced by the blog, but LGD told us that it couldn’t release them. (BR)

LG is developing this flexible OLED as part of a national project. Image: LG Display