LG Display Develops Rollable Transparent OLED

In Seoul, LG Display showed a 77″ OLED that is both transparent and flexible that it had shown at a National Transparent Flexible Display Project Meeting. The project is developing displays of 60″ and over and is also developing an entertainment system and was funded to the tune of $112 million since 2012. LG said that its 77″ OLED could curve through a radius of 80mm and has transmittance of 40%. It has UltraHD resolution.

Image:LG Display

Analyst Comment

LG Display has shown transparent OLEDs on glass substrates several times, although it said that it would take several years to come to market. The transparency is less than the level achieved by Samsung in its transparent OLEDs. That’s because LG is still using its RGBW structure, with a filter, which, of course, reduces the transmission, which Samsung did not use filters in its transparent OLED. (BR)

lg77flexible 1Image:LG Display