Leyard Invests in Magic Leap

In a recent article published by LED Inside, it was claimed that Leyard Optoelectronics has made an investment into Magic Leap. According to the article, Leyard formed a new company PV ML LLC that bought Magic Leap shares from Legend Pictures. It was not clear what kind of investment the new company made or how many shares they acquired. The article talks about an investment of $2 million but this could mean into the investment entity or Magic Leap.

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They see this investment as a strategic positioning of Leyard in the AR, VR and MR field.

Leyard has made other investments in the display field, extending their business reach into other markets. Overall, the investment seems to be minuscule for Magic Leap that had significant investments from Google and others.

Analyst Comment

Another very interesting point in the article is the description of the Magic Leap technology as a mixture of a digital light field display with special algorithms. While this seems as good a guess as any other I heard before, I have never seen any Magic Leap confirmation about their underlying technology. The article continues to describe the Magic Leap technology as the use of fiber optic projection that combines retinal imaging with sophisticated endoscope technology. One has to wonder if Leyard has just put some information from the prospectus into the public domain, or if this is just their own theory of what Magic Leap is up to.

They also point at the ability of Leyard to use their distribution channel to introduce the Magic Leap product that is ready for the market according to the CEO of Magic Leap.

This article was obviously translated from a Chinese article that was not referenced in the article. This leaves it up to the reader to interpret the statements as facts or wishful thinking. It contains some interesting statements about Magic Leap and its technology, but is impossible to say these are hard facts. -NH