Lang in the Mist

Lang AG is a distributor, rental & staging partner and educator in the areas of large-format displays and projectors. Operating across Europe, the company celebrated the opening of a new building – the Lang Forum – on its campus in Lindlar, Germany with an event for its reseller and supplier partners. As press, Display Monitor got in, too!

Lindlar is in the mountains outside Cologne – similar to the Black Forest in appearance, with lots of pine trees and mist. However, the elevation is much lower – only around 300m. A slight hiccup (forgetting to change time zones on my phone) meant that I woke up an hour late, but still made it in time thanks to the efficient German train system.

Tobias Lang is the company president, and spoke about the challenges facing the pro AV market – or at least, so I was told. Like three of the first four speakers, Lang gave his presentation in German, which rather hindered my understanding! Klaus Ruelberg, a professor at TH Köln (which works closely with Lang) and Steffan Herzer from Analog Way also presented in their native language.

David Labuskes is the CEO of Infocomm – and, thankfully for this report, American! He spoke about the similarities in the work of his own group and Lang. Both are involved in educating the industry – the Lang Academy, where the event took place, is dedicated to just that! Lang often holds events in the Academy where it presents talks on new technologies and how they will affect rental and staging. Although there was no specific focus for this day, laser projection and UltraHD technology were by far the most-discussed topics.