Kramer and Samsung Team Up to Transform Smart Learning and Meeting Collaboration Experiences

Kramer, the leading audio-visual experiences pioneer, and Samsung, the world’s premier display manufacturer, announce the certified compatibility of Kramer’s quicklaunch collaboration software with Samsung’s Flip Pro and QMB display series.

This cross-certified solution creates immersive smart learning and meeting collaboration experiences in any type of classroom or office meeting space. It delivers high-quality video and audio, enriched with professional features and intuitive design, to elevate innovation, efficiency, and collaboration in business and education environments.

Kramer’s partnership with Samsung is another significant step in its drive to expand the Kramer ecosystem, enabling enriched collaborative work and learning experiences and offering expanded flexibility for customers and partners.

Effortless collaboration, enhanced productivity and efficient deployment

With quicklaunch, end-users can launch and control any meeting quickly and securely, regardless of the conferencing provider. The all-in-one interface streamlines AV and room control, providing a standardized experience across all collaboration spaces. The high image quality of Samsung’s Flip Pro and QMB displays allows for easy and clear information sharing, while the non-glare designs provide better visibility from all angles, any time of day, and a clean cable guide removes reduce distractions.

The complementary strengths of Kramer’s quicklaunch and Samsung’s displays offers easy and cost-efficient deployment of new collaboration spaces. Kramer quicklaunch can be instantly deployed to multiple Samsung Flip Pro and QMB displays and spaces using the mass deployment utility, organizations can simultaneously customize the user interface for multiple spaces, simplifying and speeding up installation. Additionally, organizations can build a fully agnostic room solution, utilizing Kramer’s wider suite of products for advanced and efficient collaboration.

The complementary strengths of Kramer’s quicklaunch and Samsung’s displays support end-users to deploy new collaboration spaces and modernize existing ones quickly and cost-effectively. The solution supports interactive and non-interactive displays with multiple connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and DP, as well as NUC and OPS, to fit any physical requirements.

Robust security and simplified management

Security and management are also key factors of this solution. quicklaunch ensures no data remains in the meeting room once a session ends and is fully compliant with security requirements for all supported conferencing platforms. This ensures personal information is fully protected throughout a meeting. The Samsung Tizen Zero Config enables easy operation of multiple units across different locations, plus the remote installation of new apps, providing flexible customization, standardization, and management of all spaces, from anywhere.

Gilad Yron, CEO of Kramer, said: 

Our collaboration with Samsung reflects the levels of collaboration we hope to enable within our end-users – seamless, intuitive, and above all, effective. Cross-certifying quicklaunch with Samsung’s fantastic Flip Pro and QMB display series was an easy decision, particularly aligned with our open ecosystem strategy. We can’t wait to see this new alliance power creativity, engagement, and connections between people and organizations worldwide.

Andy Haywood, Head of Global Sales (Europe) at Samsung said: 

The future of collaboration requires both immersive, engaging audio-visual technology and the flexibility for end-users to communicate via their preferred space and platform. So, a strategic partnership with Kramer is a match made in heaven. We’re very proud to play a role in the exciting ideas, developments, and innovations that our combined technologies will help to cultivate.