ITU-T Accepts G.9701 Standard

With the 4k/UHD TV adoption, bandwidth requirements for all streaming solutions will go up. So far Netflix requires a stable 15 Mbps connection to stream 4k to the house. Other providers will have similar requirements until the next generation of video codecs may lower that demand somewhat. With 50 Mbps connections available more or less everywhere (including the US), this should not be an issue. However, with several neighbors streaming UHD content at the same time, the infrastructure to the house becomes an issue. The new ITU-T G.9701 standard aims to provide anywhere from several hundred Mbps to 1 Gbps to the house.

The (fast access to subscriber terminals) connection, as it is called, aims to allow this kind of bandwidth over distances in the 100m to 200m range. The connection is typically used in conjunction with the term FTT dp (fiber to the distribution point) instead of FTTH (fiber to the home). With first chip sets available since this year, first products are being expected in 2015 and first deployments by 2016.