Intel Working on Wireless VR via WiGig

Intel had a setup to test the use of 802.11ad 60GHz radio for VR applications, allowing the untethering of the headset. The system was said to be transmitting 2K content at 90fps. The system does add some latency but only around 10ms. The latency getting information back from the headset to the host PC with motion tracking information was around 2ms but the target is 7ms total (6ms + 1ms) eventually. The system is also being developed to allow camera data at 300Mbits to be transmitted back to the host for mixed reality applications. WiGIG has quality of service (QoS) settings which allow balance between the different data streams. The system needs to use dual beam forming antennas to keep transmision reliable.

Intel VR PrototypeIntel is experimenting with WiGig for this VR Prototype. Image:Meko