Innovation Powers Ultra Large Multitouch Displays

DISPLAX™ announced a successful collaboration with SYNAPTICS™ (Nasdaq: SYNA), which answers a long overdue need for a complete line of cost-effective, high-performance touch products for the education and office collaboration markets and a low-cost, high-performance ‘no battery’ Digital Marker Pen in these markets.

The result is three new product line offerings from DISPLAX:

  • DISPLAX MESH and DISPLAX SENSE enable OEMs and ODMs to create more cost-effective Ultra Large 24” to 98” Touchscreens. MESH and SENSE are based on a combination of DISPLAX’s technology, longstanding experience in the ultra-large projected capacitive market, and Synaptics world leadership in touch controllers. Applications include Interactive Whiteboards, Self-Service Kiosks, Self-Ordering Kiosks, and Interactive Mirrors.
  • DISPLAX MARKER’s are expected to replace the classic and ubiquitous Felt Marker. These cost-effective Digital Markers do not require any form of battery and are Microsoft Windows Ink compatible. Available in Black and Red, DISPLAX Marker works like an Active Pen making it possible to capture ideas quickly and naturally on all Microsoft Ink compatible Apps. The core technology is built on Synaptics touch controller family of products, including its Active Pen technology, for an intuitive and seamless user experience. Through innovative engineering and product development, DISPLAX has realized the dream of replacing the felt marker with a superior digital solution. MARKER with Infinite Ink lasts forever without the need to charge.
  • The combination of MESH or SENSE with Digital Markers from DISPLAX are especially compelling in the Education and Office Collaboration markets.

DISPLAX and Synaptics proc

All these products are available immediately from DISPLAX and in stock. OEM & ODM Touch Integrators are invited to join the design process and ensure the final product meets end-customer needs.

Miguel Fonseca, CEO at DISPLAX, said, “Working together with Synaptics, DISPLAX is pleased to deliver a breakthrough touchscreen experience, and digital marker based in innovation, know-how, robustness adapted to market requirements of today needs but preparing the future and looking ahead for the Next Era of Ultra-Large devices. Our Digital Marker is unique, based in part on licensed technology from Synaptics, and protected by several patents.

DISPLAX Mesh and DISPLAX Sense are two new product lines that materialize the co-developments. They are compatible with all major Operating Systems as MS Windows, Android, Apple, and Linux, supporting 10, 20, and 40 simultaneous fingers touch, with 8 ms response time with different displays technology, making this a state-of-the-art Projected Capacitive touch screen.

This collaboration brings a revolution reducing costs and integration requisites. At its core is a powerful touch controller that uses high-volume integrated circuits from Synaptics combined with DISPLAX Touch Architecture, developed over a decade, with unique DSP Algorithms that address the specific requirements of Ultra Large Displays, assuring reliability, flexibility, premium touch experience, and universal OS support.

Craig Stein, SVP and GM, Mobile and IoT at SYNAPTICS, said, “We are glad to see Synaptics touch controllers, used every day in hundreds of millions of touch devices, being applied so effectively in Ultra Large Touch formats. Equally exciting is to have the Digital Marker technology that Synaptics pioneered commercialized worldwide.

Craig continues, “The solution not only supports the need for a next-generation active pen interface but also can scale in size to enable some of the most leading-edge implementations of interactive multitouch displays. Our collaborations with DISPLAX are part of Synaptics’ ongoing effort to bring innovation to touch and display experiences of all sizes.

The global interactive whiteboard market is growing fast and is expected to be valued at USD 2.8 billion in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2020 to 2027.

Our vision is that in the years to come, as touchscreens keep growing, traditional flipcharts and felt markers will all be replaced by digital whiteboards. The combination of Touch Displays and Digital Markers is a perfect combination, and this collaboration brings that vision to reality.

DISPLAX will also collaborate with OEM/ODM Manufacturers in the design process over the coming months to ensure the best touch screen integrations. Cutting edged designs are expected in new devices and some will be revealed before the end of 2021.


DISPLAX is a global leader in enabling human machine interaction with Ultra Large Multitouch Displays.

DISPLAX was the first company in the world to offer Projected Capacitive Multitouch for Large Displays .

Today our products are installed and used in over 60 countries, in a variety of applications including Outdoor, Self-Service Kiosks, Casinos, Medical, Industrial, Commercial Touch Displays, as well as the Education and Office Collaboration Markets.

DISPLAX innovations include the fastest Projected Capacitive Multitouch, 100 Touch Finger detection, compatibility with 105” displays all OS´s compatibility as the recently announced battery-free Digital Marker.


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