Vpon and VIOOH Forge Strategic Partnership to Combing Big Data and AI Technology for DOOH

Vpon Big Data Group, a big data company in Asia, and VIOOH, a digital out-of-home advertising developer, have announced a strategic partnership. This alliance will combine the power of Vpon’s extensive mobile data and AI creative technology, InVnity, along with VIOOH’s programmatic inventory of digital outdoor advertising.

The partnership will enable advertisers to show their content at specific times and days using programmatic buying creating custom visuals for each target audience. This technology allows ads to be tailored to each potential customer based on their device tags such as age, location, and preferences, creating a more personalized ad experience.

Vpon’s clients will now be able to purchase VIOOH’s global digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory through Vpon’s demand side platform (DSP), providing more opportunities for media planners and advertisers to leverage programmatic DOOH advertising in their omni-channel sales activities.

Vpon believes that the integration of big data and AI in their partnership with VIOOH will revolutionize the out-of-Home industry, as the demand for programmatic advertising trading platforms continues to rise. InVnity will continue to learn and improve with Vpon’s mobile data, testing the effectiveness of advertisements and bringing new efficiencies to the advertising industry.