IMax Enhanced Scheme Unveils First Batch of Certified Devices

The first batch of certified IMax Enhanced audiovisual equipment has been revealed, following the announcement of the scheme last month.

Five of Sony’s TVs and nine of its projectors are on the list, alongside three Denon AVRs and five from Marantz. Some are new devices, some are already out, while others are receiving firmware updates to bring them up to the required standard. The full list can be found below.

Sony TVs
  • A1/A1E OLED
  • A8F/AF8 OLED
  • A9F/AF9 OLED
  • X900F/XF90 LCD
  • Z9F/ZF9 LCD
Sony Projectors
  • VPL-VW285ES
  • VPL-VW295ES
  • VPL-VW385ES
  • VPL-VW675ES
  • VPL-VW695ES
  • VPL-VW885ES
  • VPL-VW995ES
  • VPL-VZ1000ES
  • VPL-VW5000ES
  • SR6013 – firmware update (Jan 2019)
  • SR7013 – firmware update (Jan 2019)
  • AV7705 – firmware update (Jan 2019)
  • AV8805 – firmware update (Oct 2018)
  • AVR-X4500H – new model
  • AVR-X6500H – new model
  • AVC-X8500H – firmware update (Oct 2018)

Sony’s A1 OLED TV is among the first devices to receive the certification.

Analyst Comment

It’s not surprising that Sony is one of the first brands as the company was one of the initial supporters of the labelling scheme. (BR)