IMax and DTS Launch Joint Certification and Licensing Programme

IMAX and DTS have announced a new home entertainment partnership and launched the IMax Enhanced programme. The new certification and licensing programme combines the highest-end consumer electronics products with IMax digitally remastered Ultra HD HDR content and DTS audio technologies.

The companies also announced that a number of global consumer electronics and entertainment market leaders have joined the programme as launch partners, including Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Sound United – parent company to Denon and Marantz.

IMax and DTS say they developed the programme to make it easier for consumers to select the products and content that will deliver the highest-quality, sharpest UHD HDR images and powerful, immersive sound at home. The companies are designing an IMax Mode for devices that will be optimised to play digitally remastered content.

Consumers can access content from Hollywood studios as well as select IMax documentaries through its IMax Home Entertainment division. The company will also work with its global studio and other content partners to make a steady stream of enhanced versions of movies and additional programming available.

To be accepted into the programme, CE manufacturers must produce UHD HDR televisions, AV receivers, sound systems and other home theatre equipment that meets a prescribed set of standards, specified by a certification committee of IMax and DTS engineers and Hollywood technical specialists.

The programme will use the newest post-production process developed by IMax to digitally remaster content and claimed to offer better colour and ‘the sharpest HDR images’. IMax will provide its content partners with a new proprietary post-production process that has a new processing algorithm that is claimed to reduce noise and grain Where content was shot on IMax cameras will include an expanded aspect ratio to show more of the picture. The companies will also partner with Hollywood sound mixers on an enhanced variant of the DTS:X codec technology that will be integrated into home audio equipment.

The IMax Enhanced programme will launch in the autumn.

Analyst Comment

As this initiative includes content as well as devices, it may have more chance than some other quality derived certifications. (BR)